Gear up for some celebrity action...

Gear up for some celebrity action...


Gear up for some celebrity action...

All set: Chiranjeevi Sarja gets ready for practice.

Other film industries better watch out because namma Kicha Sudeep and his team of ‘Karnataka Bulldozers’ have been undergoing intense training for the last two months.
Ask any team member and he will tell you that their only aim right now is to win the cup.
Balancing both movies and cricket practice has been a challenge but the boys have not let anything come between their game.

Six in the morning at Palace Grounds, one can find all the team players assembling for their three-hour workout at the nets.

“We do some physical training for an hour-and-a-half, followed by an intense practice session on the field for another hour. This is rounded off with some more exercise,” says actor Dharma, one of the team members.

The preparations do not end here. A healthy diet plan and a couple of mandatory rules put forth by captain, Sudeep, has kept the team fit. “We can actually see ourselves changing both physically and mentally. Sudeep has instructed us not to party, drink or smoke till the league is over. As gruesome as it is, I feel it has made many of us lead a far more healthy lifestyle,” says actor Chiranjeevi Sarja, another player.

And that’s not all! Team owner Ashok Kheny has provided the team with high-end equipment and even appointed Ramakanth, an on-field doctor and physiotherapist, who has earlier been a consultant to the Indian cricket team.

“During practice, a lot of players tend to suffer from minor sprains and injuries, which need immediate attention. Ramakanth has been very helpful and even suggested some of the exercises that the Indian Cricket Team does before it hits the nets,” says producer Shankar Gowda, who is also a part of the team.

Almost every Sunday, the team plays against the Under 19 or Under 20 team and has been happy with the results.

“Playing against a professional team is tough as it really shows where we stand. We are really focussed on winning and want to put up a tough fight. At the end of the day, it’s not about the celebrities coming out to play for fun, it’s about the game,” explains Tharun Chandra, an all-rounder of the team.

After Amrutha Mahotsava, the CCL has provided another platform for the actors to come together. And the bonding between the boys is very evident.

Most of them have even been given nicknames. “Sudeep has named each one of us. As I love to dive and catch the ball, I am called the ‘Jonty Rhodes of the team’,” laughs Dharma.

Chiranjeevi adds, “I feel leagues like this are useful as they not only help us beat the stress, but also give us an opportunity to know our colleagues from other industries.”  
Since the league will begin in Bangalore, the rest of the film industry is also expected to be headed towards the Chinnaswamy Stadium.

As part of the inauguration, Sonu Nigam will be giving an energetic performance.
There will be two matches –– ‘Chennai Rhinos’ vs ‘Telugu Warriors’ and ‘Karnataka Bulldozers’ vs ‘Mumbai Heroes’ –– at Chinnaswamy Stadium on June 4.  
So here’s looking out for some more cricket.

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