Rains disrupt normal life in Halebeedu

Rains disrupt normal life in Halebeedu

Soil erosion has become a cause of concern for the farmers

The rain accompanied by lightning and thunderstorm damaged several huts. The water gushing out of the drains overflowed the main roads, especially the road that leads to the popular Hoysaleshwara temple disrupting vehicular traffic for sometime.

Soil erosion at many agricultural lands at Hobagare, Bettadaluru, Savasihalli and surrounding villages has caused anxiousness among the farmers. The erosion was so much that the roots of coconut, arecanut and other trees, are exposed. The trees may fall in the coming days because of loose soil.

As the water was flowing at high speed Kagedahalli, the link to several villages was snapped till evening. Dark clouds forced the drivers to switch on headlight of their vehicles in daylight.

The families that have lost their shelters are clueless about their immediate future. Boodigundi, near the Dwarasamudra lake, which is one of the low lying areasm was affected due to flood two years ago. The residents of the area have expressed their fear that the nightmare may reoccur displacing most of them.