'Being a single mother is challenging'

'Being a single mother is challenging'

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'Being a single mother is challenging'

Versatile Asha Gill

Yet, there's always more to Asha than what she has done so far. Never tired of experimenting, she comes up with an ace every time she does something new.
A Punjabi, Asha was born and raised in Malaysia. She has worked in production and hosted several shows and what strikes you most about her are her quick-witted comments and love for music.

In the City for a promotional event, Asha says she never really travels to India much, although she would love to do so.

She hasn’t really got a chance to visit her home state but the one place that she would like to go to is the Kaali Temple and perhaps wear one of those small
Kaali pendants around her neck.

 “I am not at all religious.  I think religion is largely man-made but I just like the look of Goddess Kaali. There’s something mysterious about her,” she says.

   Asha can’t zero in on anything she likes doing best, “It pays to do what you love
 doing the best. You will never tire of it,” she points out. Asha feels the music scene is alive in Britain and India is not far behind.

“It’s the era of international collaborations and when you blend two different forms of music, the result is original,” she adds.

While music and TV  shows are going great guns, Asha observes that perhaps the biggest challenge is being a single mother,“It’s challenging to balance a career and family and excel in both,” she explains.

  Asha also dedicates a better part of her time to human rights, especially women-centric issues.

She talks about women's rights on her radio shows and discusses the issues on her website.  She recalled that she has seen and read stories of women who live under
oppression and are silent sufferers.

“You don’t have to be submissive, just because you are a woman. I talk to women who have issues and help them get to the right platforms where their problems are taken
seriously and sorted out,” she says.  

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