The magic of perspective

The magic of perspective

Among the many valuable lessons in life, the one that has taught me a great deal is to look for a different perspective to any situation. Each time I deliberately seek to deviate from the obvious, I stare at a different perspective that leaves me overwhelmed. Of course, I never started out that way. I’ve had my share of gloomy and downtrodden cynicism, until gradually, the truth was revealed. The one sure way to live happily is to look for a right perspective to all matters in life.

As a youngster, I’m ashamed to admit, I had taken the existence of family and friends for granted. The end result was that, I lost some good friends and felt distanced from my extended family. Remorseful, I finally managed damage control with some soul searching and fine reading on ‘human relations.’ The crux of the soul search made me understand that I need to learn to treat my friends like family and my family like friends. Over time, this small change in perspective of looking at my friends with the reverence they deserved and viewing my family with friendly fondness, has helped me build bridges.

Then again, as I journeyed through life demanding situations emerged leaving me vulnerable. The initial days of my motherhood is one such instance. With two toddlers, long days, short nights and endless chores, life became uneventful. Toys, books, dolls, models and mess invaded the house leaving me with a perpetual migraine. It then occurred to me that I needed to ‘treat the serious things in life very lightly and the light things very seriously.’ Now when I see the spruced-up house shattered and battered within minutes of my children’s return from school, all I need is a change in perspective.

Parts of ‘Lego’ everywhere merely mean I’m in the company of Albert Einstein and Gustave Eiffel!

The right perspective certainly works its magic. The dark moment the caterpillar calls the end of the world, is the sun filled moment the butterfly calls the beginning.  It is true that many of us miss out on life’s big prizes: The Oscar, the Nobel,  the Padma Shree et al.  But we are all eligible for life’s small rewards and pleasures – A game of cards. A bicycle ride. A glorious sun set. A colourful rainbow. A hot soup. A chilled drink. A sumptuous meal.  A surprise visitor.  An empty parking space. These tiny delights can make life worth living. There are plenty for all of us. It just takes the right perspective!

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