Devotion sans agenda

Devotion sans agenda

Devotees are very beautiful people within themselves but as far as the world is concerned, they are usually insane. Mirabai, Akka Mahadevi - they were very insane; you couldn't live with them. Once they are gone you can worship them but when they were here, nobody could understand what the hell was happening with them.

There is a wonderful book called ‘Cuckold’ written by Kiran Nagarkar. This is the life perspective of Mirabai's husband, how he experienced her. Let's say your wife believes she is Krishna's wife, not yours. She is always going into such states that it is like Krishna is with her - she dances with him, she loves him, she kisses him - she is so deeply involved. Now, if you are the husband, are you going to appreciate her devotion? No. You will go insane with your own problems. Devotees are like that.

They don't belong to the logical dimension of life. I'm not saying devotion is completely absent in you, you have emotions, so naturally, there is a certain amount of devotion; but if you want to fit into family and social situations and still pursue spirituality you can't choose devotion as a path because you still want life to happen the way you want it. You can also attain to the ultimate through your intelligence, through your physical action or by transforming your inner energies but you are not just any one of them, you are a combination.

So, we choose a combination of these things so that you can still evolve without disturbing external realities, but then naturally there are compromises - you go slowly.

But if you are not bothered what happens to your husband or wife or your corporate world or anything - if you just want to grow, then devotion is one of the quickest ways to attain. Now, you are people who want to preserve the external situation but still you want an internal possibility.

Devotion and family life, devotion and corporate world, devotion and anything will not go.

Devotion means everything else has to dissolve. That is why if you talk devotion, it's just deception. At some moments when your experience raises to a certain pitch, a moment of devotion may happen to you. Just wait for that moment, it's very wonderful, but don't try to pursue devotion as your policy because there is a very deep deception in it.

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