How to choose the right country

How to choose the right country


How to choose the right country

Dear Sir,

I am studying for my diploma in civil engineering and am in my 4th semester. My aggregate till now is 82%. Are there any universities abroad that offer under graduation engineering programmes lateral entry into civil engineering? If yes, what are the exams which have to be taken?
Diploma Student

Dear Diploma Student,
Keep up with your performance and also keep focused. Hope you have performed well in your +2 as it is the bench mark to seek admission in any undergraduate programme abroad. You are eligible for lateral entry to civil engineering degree here in India soon after you finish the diploma and get eligibility in CET. Unfortunately universities abroad do not recognise the vocational courses for admission into undergraduate programmes. You can write SAT and TOEFL and seek admission in an undergraduate programme in civil engineering if you are interested or to any other stream of engineering. The University evaluates your qualification, and course credits will be awarded for the three year diploma you would have completed. This process happens after you get admitted or you can seek the help of world Education Service (WES, who do it for you for a fee. This process helps you reduce the duration of your undergraduate programme in USA. Similarly, you can also try in the UK. However, your +2 score is very important and IELTS score is necessary for UK admissions.

Dear Sir,
I am doing my Bachelors in Audiology and Speech Language pathology. I want to take up a PG course abroad. How should I prepare for the same? What kind of fee structure can I expect? What is the eligibility criteria?

Dear Student,
I suppose you are pursuing the 4-year Bachelors in Audiology and Speech language pathology (Which includes one-year internship). After completion of this course you will be eligible to do a Master of Arts (MA) and Master of Science (MS) programmes in speech-language sciences or in audiology either in UK or in USA. If you are pursuing a three year degree now in this subject then you can only aim at UK since USA universities need 16 years of education for the master’s programmes. You need to take up GRE and TOEFL to study in USA and only IELTS to study in UK. You can browse through the following websites for more details:,, for UK and, for USA.

Dear Sir,
I am pursuing my VI Semester in Computer Science Engineering with an aggregate of 79%. I am confused whether to pursue Masters from Australia or the US. Most of them nowadays select US over Australia. Why is this so? Will a Masters from Australia carry the same weightage as one from the US? If so, what is the process of getting through an Australian university (Do I need GRE score?) Is there any scholarship I can apply for?

Dear Apurva,
It is good that you are keeping up your performance at a high level. However, as you are looking for some kind of financial assistance improving your performance in the VII and finals would help. Both Australia and USA offer Master’s programmes in the field of computer science and engineering. As long as your performance at the Master’s level is good it is not going to make any difference which country you have graduated from, though the specific University that you graduate from carries weight. Preference of a vast majority of aspirants to study in the USA is because of the flexibility in choice of subjects and option of molding your Master’s programme according to your choice. Australian universities do not insist on GRE where as for USA it is a must. Since the number of students going for higher studies has increased and many aspirants vie for scholarships, the situation is not very encouraging. However, for a meritorious student with high academic performance and with a high GRE and TOEFL score chances of either fee waiver or some sort of assistantship is a possibility in the USA. It is not advisable to rely on this. Also keep in mind that all nationalised banks offer educational loans with liberal terms of interest and repayment for higher education.   

Dear Sir,
My son is finishing his Bachelor of Engineering Biomedical and Electrical in June 2011 from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. What are the prospects to pursue higher education in his field in Canada and USA? Can you recommend some good University in these countries? What does he have to do to seek admission in very good reputed Universities? How are the job prospects after completion, both abroad and in India?
R Srinivasan

Dear Srinivasan,

By now your son would have a fair idea of what his field of study would be as he has deeper exposure to biomedical as well as electrical engineering.  Both USA and Canada have innumerable good universities offering programmes in all streams of engineering. The choice of universities depends on his performance in finishing the bachelor’s level, his GRE and TOEFL score. The following websites will give specific details to choose universities: (Association of Universities and Colleges in Canada) and in Canada and, in USA. In general wherever he starts his career as long as he has the ability to apply the acquired academic knowledge along with hard work and get along with all kinds of people career growth is certainly assured.
Dear Sir,
I am a 3rd year engineering (BE) student with a CGPA of 9.10 (maximum: 10). My GRE score is 1350 and my TOEFL score is 114. I want to do a Masters course (or integrated Masters and PhD) in artificial intelligence, robotics or automation from Singapore or USA. Please mention the best colleges for my choice of courses that are in my league (keeping in mind my scores), so that among the colleges you name, I can choose the colleges that are best suited for me and apply accordingly.
Harvan D

Dear Harvan,
It is good to see that you are maintaining a good academic performance as indicated by your CGPA. Your GRE and TOEFL scores are also good for some of the better known universities of higher ranking. However, be aware of the fact that admission to good Universities depend also on the letters of recommendation from your Heads of the Departments, a powerful SOP from you and other evidence of academic achievements such as project work, paper published etc. Singapore definitely offers courses in the area of your choice. I doubt about the integrated course leading to a doctorate. You can browse through the websites of The Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Also try universities such as MIT, John Hopkins, Stanford, Georgia Institute of Technology who have established base in Singapore. The ideal destination for you to progress higher in academics leading to doctoral and research orientation would be USA. You can try the following universities: Carnegie Mellon; Cornell; University of California, San Diego; and the University of Tennessee. All these universities offer both Masters as well as doctoral programmes. You could also browse through the following websites:,

Dear Sir,
I have a mechanical engineering degree (First class with distinction) and three years industrial experience in Oil and Gas Division of a reputed company. I have chosen to do MSc in subsea engineering from the University of Aberdeen in UK. Please guide me on this subject; Also let me know about the employment opportunities in UK as well as in India
Ashok C

Dear Ashok,
It is good that you have worked in the field and narrowed down your choice for higher studies. The chosen field of study teaches you more about laying pipelines under sea, its construction and its maintenance, etc. Since there is not much of undersea activity in petrochemical or gas pipeline here in India there may not be much opportunity in my opinion. According to my information talks have been going on to lay an undersea gas pipeline between Oman and India up to Gujarat or Maharashtra. This project is not actively and vigorously considered because of the estimated cost of US $ 3 to 4 billion.

Since you have been in the field for over three years I suggest you do some critical research about the job openings before you embark on such an expensive education. I do not know whether you can take a chance about your career banking on such projects to materialise. However, in European and other countries certainly there is lot of activity. At present since the overall job situation in UK is not conducive to foreign nationals you may be taking a chance in this area.

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