Wanted... A good job!

Wanted... A good job!


Through this study, it has been found that though family is a strong focus in Indian society, youngsters feel there are more important aspects to life than having a family and children.

Bangalore is home to a diverse mix of people, from all over the country and also foreign nationals.  The priorities in each one’s life will definitely show huge differences. Metrolife asks the youth of Bangalore what their mindset is towards choosing the most important priority in their lives:

Anusha Sharma, a second year student of Shrishti School of Design, says, “A lucrative job is important because when everything else fails, you will not have to depend on someone else.” Swetha Shivani, a second year student of Christ University, agrees.

“Right now, I would say a well paying job is my main concern. There’s security and independence in that. But having a family and peace of mind aren’t very far behind.”

Aditya Damodaran says, “Fame can spoil a person or make you overconfident. I think having a good job but being content with it is the only way to go further. The same holds true even when it comes to starting a family. One needs to be self sufficient for that responsibility.”

Nitya Ullas, also from Christ University, says, “I actually wouldn’t mind a low paying job if it gives me satisfaction. But a fairly lucrative job helps you support your interests and passions and that in turn, gives you peace of mind. So everything, except for maybe fame, needs to be attained in varying degrees.” Bharadwaj Sheshadri, a CA student, feels that contentment is most important. “However, it’s highly impossible to really attain it. Still that’s the only goal on my mind which I want to achieve.”

From these opinions, we can say that young Bangaloreans feel that a well-paying job is very important but contentment also goes hand in hand.

However, doing things only for monetary gain is not a common thought.  Youngsters understand the necessity of career satisfaction but a majority feel only a lucrative job
can give one that.

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