Drown in ROSE PAINT!

They come in shades of colour aplenty,
blooming beauties, delicate and dainty.
With a scent which melts your heart,
Roses are the Almighty’s best art.
Blushing in hues of red and crimson,
they are an expression of love and affection.
Soft pink roses deserve much more than a glance,
drown in their beauty if you get a chance.
White roses are as pretty as pearls,
their beauty proves this as each petal unfurls.
Not as bright as daffodils,
not as pale as butter cups,
coloured in a shade of yellow so fine and divine,
Yellow roses strengthen friendships each time.
The sun has set, the orange of the sky bids farewell,
The moon will rise, the sky does foretell.
But the orange of the roses remains,
even as each day comes, then wanes.
How tender is each petal of the rose,
and which palette of colours, to create, God would have chose?
Whether red or pink, yellow, orange or white,
Roses are a royal treat to the eyes.

Sarah Fathima,
16 years

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