Right food for each season

Right food for each season

Organic Farming

On the other hand, consumers aren’t even aware how harmful such produce can be to them. The end result? There is a major disconnect between the farmers and consumers and that has decreased considerably the importance of organic movement.

Meet Ganesh Eashwar and his wife Jayashree Joshi Eashwar who left their corporate jobs to put in all their effort into organic farming. It was during this effort that he realised the growing need to encourage more and more farmers and NGOs who still believe in growing produce without any poison in it.

That’s when ‘Dubdengreen’ was born. This company is a small bridge between the consumer and the farmer who are keen on making a move towards organic movement in Bangalore. While they still don’t have an independent store, they do have their products on sale in a store called ‘Sorbet’ located in Indiranagar. The company provides its customers all the organic products that one would need in the kitchen. Says Ganesh, “It’s not a new concept but often in stores that have organic products, one gets only few items that are organically grown but we have approached it more holistically where we provide everything starting from rice, ‘dals’, vegetables to even ‘masalas’ and jams that are organically grown and stored. People can actually make a change for the better overnight.”

A small, yet interesting venture, indeed. All people have to do is to become a member by sending a mail to them and the customers can pick what they need from a list of items that are available and they will get it delivered to their doorstep. But it does come with its own constraints. While the regular markets have produce available on all seasons, in organic farming, the case is a lot different as not everything that is grown organically are available in all seasons. “It may look like a big constraint. But think about it, one will get to eat the right things at the right season and it will be all natural,” he states.

One of the biggest benefits of going organic is the health factor. “It’s as good as not putting poison in your food,” says Ganesh. He also adds that there is not much difference in the way the produce tastes. “When eaten in its raw form, one can easily make out the difference but if your cooking it, then the taste remains the same,” he says.

Taking the concept one step higher, the company will soon open doors for those who are actually interested in getting in touch with their own green side by allowing them to rent out farm lands to grow their own food. “Of late, ‘Farmville’ has been very popular on the web but here I want to give an opportunity for people to come and experience how to maintain a farm in real life,” he says.

He says that the concept is not about picnics or resorts but to get people familiar with the basics of organic farming. Ganesh, along with his team, is willing to give all the tools and tips on how one can farm but it is up to the family on how far they will go to enjoy the fruits of their own labour. “Both the concepts are community driven and we aim for it to remain that way,” he says.

For details, mail to organicbounty@gmail.com, bangalore@organicbounty.com or call 9663141669.

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