Green's the way to go

Green's the way to go


Simple changes can make for an eco-friendly home.
Replace traditional incandescent light bulbs with more energy-efficient compact fluorescents.

Switch out conventional hot water heaters in favour of solar hot water heaters.
And for saving on water, replace traditional showerheads and toilets with pressurised low-flow alternatives that save gallons per day while generating cost savings on utility bills.

Capture rainwater and shower water to irrigate the garden. Make it a happy garden and keep some water for the birds in a pot and you’re sure to have a chirpy garden this summer. 


For those truly committed to green cooking, solar ovens offer a fun and interesting alternative to conventional gas or electric models. Many foods can be safely and properly heated using natural, free-as-air light from the sun.

Switch to biodegradable cleaning products readily available at supermarkets.
Also try the good old fashioned methods of cleaning using baking soda, boric acid etc.
Stop buying disposable dishcloths – instead, try cotton dishcloths that can be washed and used over and over again. Or try microfibre cloths that can be used without any cleaning agents.

Avoid buying kitchen roll – If you must have it, opt for the recycled variety.
Compost – Get yourself a bucket or compost crock and fill it with fruit and vegetable peelings, leftover salads, the contents of your vacuum cleaner, hair from your hairbrush, compostable packaging and small bits of textile made from natural fibres.
The compost will take care of your gardening needs.

Use paper bags to dispose garbage instead of plastics.

Gifting: Handmade and recyclable paper for gifting is both a beautiful and eco-friendly option.

Gift a potted plant or seeds for a refreshing change. Some shops offer ‘growing kits’ that allow you to seed a plant at your ease.

It is a self help kit for the ones who have a passion for gardening but not sufficient time to devote to the hobby. A sachet of fertiliser for the plant and a plant care note comes along.

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