Arshad Warsi comfortable with his position in Bollywood

Arshad Warsi comfortable with his position in Bollywood

Arshad Warsi comfortable with his position in Bollywood

The actor, who will be seen playing the bad guy in 'Zila Ghaziabad', says he is comfortable with his position in the industry and does only those role that appeal to him.
He is returning in the Indra Kumar-directed film, which is the sequel to 2007's 'Dhamaal' and Warsi says it is "poles" apart from his own comedies like the 'Munnabhai' and 'Golmaal' series.

"From the 'Dhamaal' series, you expect a different world altogether. The comedy here is also different from the kind that you see in Bollywood. In fact when compared to my own comedy franchises like 'Golmaal' or 'Munnabhai', this one is poles apart.

"It is set in a screwball (genre of comedy) kind of zone. You would see quite a lot of banana-peel humour here. It is the kind of film that would appeal to the kids but would also make adults laugh out loud," says Arshad.

When released in 2007, 'Dhamaal' was a good success as it had the quartet of Arshad, Riteish Deshmukh, Javed Jaffery and Aashish Chaudhary running away from Sanjay Dutt who played the cop.

The role is quite reversed in case of the sequel as this time around the quartet tries to turn the tables on Dutt.

"This time too it's money which is the focal point of all issues. To our horror we realise that Sanjay is now absolutely loaded. We wonder how come he got so much money, and it turns out it is our own money that he has run away with. Now it's the mission of our life to get all of it back," said Warsi.

With two hits in 'Ishqiya' and 'Golmaal 3', the 43-year-old Arshad is signing films at his own pace.

"I don't really care about how things 'must' be done. If someone tells me that 'this is how you have to do things', I may not really give it all much consideration," says Arshad.
"I don't care if some time goes by before I sign a new film. I do keep hearing scripts but I do only those films which I really like. I have now said okay to 'Zila Ghaziabad', 'Jolly LLB' and 'Ishqiya 2'. Moreover for next year too I am planning a few more films. I would be lot busier in months to follow," he added.

In 'Zila Ghaziabad', Arshad would be seen as a villain. The film has a rustic setting and gets into the underbelly of politics, mafia and cops.

"It is the kind of film which is more in a 'Raajneeti' and 'Omkara' mode. Part of the film's shooting would be held in Delhi and Ghaziabad. For the rest we would be shooting in Wai where we would recreate the ambiance of Ghaizabad. We begin shooting this July," said Arshad.