Stabilise and control your anxiety

Stabilise and control your anxiety


All of us like to model our lives after a friend, a family member or a public figure. Sometimes we even push ourselves by wanting to be like somebody else — as outgoing, dynamic, smart, charming. This is when our nature/personality becomes a burden. This continual mental heaviness makes our breathing shallow and rapid.
Result: Anxiety and stress, poor blood  and oxygen circulation, leading to headaches, neck pain, and eye problems. We sink into sickness and turn our efforts into futile and hollow attempts.

The solution is simple — Never put yourself down. This is not humility, this is the despair of inverted narcissism. It robs you of your soul-spontaneous potential.
The story of the great artist Raphael will help explain this better. Raphael was once strolling through one of Florence’s bustling marketplace when his eyes fell upon a shabbily-dressed woman nursing her baby. Charmed completely by her  motherly expression, he spontaneously painted her on an old barrel lying on the side of the street. Today, this masterpiece hangs in an art gallery in Florence.
If Raphael had thought, “I wish I was as good at painting as my master, I’m useless,” he would have walked on. Instead, he whipped out his brushes and colours and fulfilled his artistic destiny.

 Raphael narrated his story so brilliantly with his brushes because doubt didn’t disperse his energy. You don’t need to be confident to concentrate your energy, you just need to be free of doubt.

How do you tell your stories?

If an old friend hugged you, do you question his/her motive? Wonder aloud whether the friend wants something from you/mistook you for somebody else/is bisexual/ is highly dramatic? Please understand that undue analysis, criticisms, judgements, only tire the mind. Analysing creates worry and leaves you on edge about everything and everybody, whereas  you could simply say, “My friend hugged me so affectionately that the years just melted away.” Simple stories keep the mind fresh and calm.  

Be free of doubt and suspicion. Breathe deeply and draw joy into yourself. Enjoy being yourself — simple, unaffected, lovable. Learn to let each thought bring you peace, relaxation, wellbeing. Write down positive, healing, ready-to-read thoughts in a handy notebook and refer to them a few times daily.
Constant repetitions create positive vibratory imprints in your mind. Feel light and content with your surroundings.

Similarly, ensure that every thought is a fresh blossom that spreads peace and wellbeing. Make sure it overshadows thoughts of distrust, anguish in your mind and brings in a huge sense of peace, calm, stability.

Simultaneously, cycle, run or walk to improve your blood circulation. Stare into the distance for a full minute to keep your eyes fresh.

Avoid peanuts, cheese as they trigger headaches. If it doesn’t hurt you, help someone. Do a deed without expecting to be thanked for. Surround yourself with positive individuals and friends. Make the effort to smile and enjoy every moment.
Take a day off once a week/fortnight from your busy routine to daydream — for the little pleasures of life and to be completely at ease with yourself.

(The writers are authors of the book, ‘Fitness for Life’ and teachers of the Fitness for Life programme )

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