Quite easy to navigate through the maze

Quite easy to navigate through the maze

Eco-friendly vehicles

Quite easy to navigate through the maze

Helpful: Electric bikes are popular among youngsters.

Though not as popular as their petrol-driven counterparts, they are slowly finding a way into the homes of many Bangaloreans.

Owners of eco-friendly cars and bikes need not even bother about the rising petrol prices as all they need to do is charge these vehicles’ batteries.

Besides, they can contribute towards saving the environment in their own way.
Metrolife speaks to a few owners of such battery-powered vehicles and finds out what attracts them to these little wonders.

Shashank Kekre, a businessman, owns a Reva for over three years now, and enjoys riding it in the City.

 “First of all it’s eco-friendly and secondly, it’s easy to manoeuvre a small vehicle on the traffic-ridden roads of Bangalore,” he notes. “It’s economical as well as today’s petrol prices are rising like anything.”

He informs that once charged, the vehicle runs for a distance of 40 to 50 kilometres before it needs to be put for charge again.

“An eco-friendly vehicle also serves as a great second vehicle for a big family. Otherwise, if the family is small, one can even opt for it as the first vehicle.”

The only limitation, according to Shashank, is, “you have to plan your travel since the vehicle is not meant for long distances.”

An eco-friendly vehicle is great for ladies as well. Shashank’s wife, Kavita, vouches for the same.

“There is no problem with parking, there is no pollution or sound as well. You don’t even have to do an emission test. It’s extremely convenient.”

N K Jain, the owner of Youth Bikes, a company dealing with eco-friendly bikes in Rajajinagar, feels that battery bikes are slowly gaining popularity.

“As the petrol price is rising, the bike is becoming popular,” he says. “Many customers do come and enquire but they don’t have enough confidence in the eco-friendly bikes to buy one.”

 According to him, if the Karnataka Government gave a 15 per cent subsidy in eco-friendly bikes like the Delhi Government, the sales would increase.

“Besides, no bank lends loans for these bikes as they require no registration or
licence. So many a time, people want to purchase the bike on a loan but are unable to,” he informs. 

Listing out the advantages of an eco-friendly bike, he says, “Since one can’t go fast on it, it’s ideal for housewives, handicapped people and senior citizens.”

 He adds, “The bikes should be promoted just as the Reva has been promoted. Just imagine spending only Rs 100 per month, at the most on your vehicle!”

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