In good times 'n' bad


In good times 'n' bad

 Daisy, Sneha and Minu.

Minu, Daisy and Sneha have been friends for the past nine years and over the years, their bond has grown stronger.

They have been through thick and thin and have still managed to remain the best of friends. They say that the best part of being friends is that irrespective of their differences, they always respect each other for what they are.

Minu says, “Our friendship has its own ups and downs. Sneha and Daisy have been there when I was happy, low and even when I was insanely stupid.

“One thing I love about being friends with the two is that they accept me with all my flaws,” she goes on. The trio make sure that they meet up whenever possible and try to stay in touch although they stay apart. Daisy says, “It’s just the distance that separates us but the bond remains the same. We will make sure it always remains the same.”

Sweta Singh and Kaveri are childhood friends and they have been together from the time they were in pre-school. “Now that’s a long time isn’t it?”grins Sweta.

The surprise factor is that they were together till third standard and then Kaveri moved to Mumbai. But their friendship continued.

The two of them got together again for their graduation in Pune and they went on to do their Masters, also in Pune, together.

Sweta says, “We had the same set of friends in Mumbai and had a lot of fun. Usually our thinking isn’t the same, yet we get along. It is mandatory that if I like something she has to hate it, we are total opposites.”

They agree that their friendship is strong and real. Shweta Subramani and
her group of childhood friends have been pals for the past 10 years.

Though all of them are not in Bangalore right now, they maintain their friendship by keeping in touch regularly.

Shweta says, “I learnt the value of friendship from this group of friends. We simply love each other’s company and we care for each other completely.”

“Our group is cemented together very well. We do our bit to make things right if something goes wrong,” adds Sachin, another friend in the group.

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