A clever mix of styles

A clever mix of styles

A clever mix of styles

warm & elegant While elements such as wooden pillars and a jhula lend that traditional touch, the master bedroom has a completely modern look, with minimal lines. PHOTOS BY THE AUTHOR

Priti Gulati’s home on Sarjapura road embraces you with such warmth and comfort that it’s infectious. It is an elegant house that combines old world charm with subdued aesthetics.

A huge carved door made from solid wood welcomes you, breathtaking in its beauty and intricacy. Says Priti, who is a stylist and a salon owner, “We picked this door which is almost 100 years old, from Pondicherry. We have collected a lot of knick knacks from our travels, and our home has an eclectic mix of furniture, artwork and curios that reflect our love for travel.” As you step into her home, you realise how a few interesting elements in the passage go a long way in transforming the look of things. A simple passage space is heightened by laterite stone in burnt orange for the walls and a mix of German tiles for the floor. A huge brass urli with rose petals and brass artifacts on the window sill add elegance and charm that is subtle and beautiful.

The living room transports you to a bygone era, with its traditional sofas and centre table, while two wooden chairs parked proudly against one wall is visually dramatic and easily a conversation starter. Huge French windows and stone walls in grey tones complete the picture.

The living room is stunningly and visually separated from the dining area by two huge, dark wooden pillars, bought from their trip to Pondicherry. Its intricate carving and black colour lends a mysterious air to it.

Striking art, antiques

The pillars also partly camouflage the bar area from view. A simple bar done in solid wood with few handmade tiles for just that splash of colour enhances the understated beauty. A little ahead, the dining table is ensconced by an old chest of drawers on one end, which has now been transformed into a crockery unit, on which sits an old telephone from the forgotten era and few brass décor items in varying sizes.

On the other wall is a striking, stunning six feet by four feet Tanjore painting bought from Coimbatore, with an old door which has been cut to serve as its frame. A window seat on one side streamlines the dining area, the warm tones getting a dose of excitement with splashes of colours in the cushions.

Facing the dining is a small courtyard which provides plenty of illumination, ideal for homes where one wants to incorporate greenery, as well as have natural lights flowing in. This not only brightens up space but also creates a warm and cozy environment.

One of the cemented walls has impressions of wild leaves growing in their backyard, which gives it a very earthy look. Says Priti, “This place is my getaway, my favourite space when I need some time to myself. The jhula that we picked from Coimbatore is comfortable and a favourite with my children too. When it rains, this nook comes alive with the smells of tea and freshly baked cakes. This is like bringing nature home and close to us.”

An angular, minimalistic staircase with solid wooden treads, take you to the floor above.
The walls on the side are punctuated by large, colourful glass windows which capture wonderful sunlight. On the first floor, the staircase landing opens out to become the family room, which is the confluence of the three bedrooms.

The upper floor is a complete turnaround from the traditional décor of the living room.
“My husband wanted more modern, straight, clean lines and contemporary furniture and I wanted the traditional look, so we met half way. The living and the dining areas have been given the traditional look, whereas the private areas are more modern and practical.

Sure enough, the kids’ bedrooms take you by surprise. An absolute breakaway from the rest of the house, they are playful and cheery. The son’s bedroom is done in blue and daughter’s room is bathed in red. Varying levels in these rooms arouse curiosity and builds drama. Kids’ bedrooms are planned on two levels. A double height ceiling in the kids’ room lets the play area sit on the mezzanine. A staircase leads you to explore their very cozy and private area.

This can be accessed from both the kids’ rooms. Their small yet efficient bathrooms are done in slate and a special feature wall done up in coloured tiles bring in a touch of bling.

Understated, classy

The master bedroom exudes an understated style, courtesy a somber coloured scheme. The colour scheme is ruled by earthy hues and has a material palette that is dominated by wood. The bedroom features a walk-in closet and a bath area with skylights to enjoy the sunlight. It also has a space for an office which takes into account the entire requirement.

The highlight of an otherwise simple room is a small niche created in one corner with natural plants, which unabashedly welcomes the sunlight. Priti’s love for nature is seen in this off-beat marvel which creates a feeling of oneness with nature. The balcony on the other side of the room features a pyramid which serves as an ideal place for meditation while also enhancing and assimilating positive vibes in the house.

The inmates’ nature fixation is further exemplified by the two vegetable gardens flourishing around the house.

With plants like pomegranate, chikoo, tomatoes, chillies and various herbs growing in abundance, their organic needs are also well taken care of.

The Gulati home illustrates how traditional interiors can be cleverly juxtaposed with modern, stylish look without compromising on style and class and also giving each area an identity of its own. Priti has the last word.

She says, “My home reflects our personalities (my husband’s and mine), different in nature but harmoniously blending for a perfect and lasting effect.”

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