'Power crisis due to lack of experience in administration'

KPCC chief criticises State government

Addressing a press meet here on Friday, he said the State has to face power crisis due to lack of experience in administration. “The Chief Minister gives one statement in Shimoga while the Energy Minister gives different statement in Bangalore. There is no coordination between the two,” he said.

Is this the government that announced 24x7 power supply to the villages? he asked.
The government harassed the fishermen who protested against Hanakona power plant in Karwar taluk. What is the point in arresting them and sending them to Bellary jail? he queried.

There is a tiger sanctuary near the proposed thermal power plant. Thousands of fishermen depending on Kali river in Uttara Kannada will be affected from this project. It is better to shift the project, Deshpande suggested.

“Chief Minister Yeddyurappa who is alleging that the Central government is following step-motherly attitude, should issue a White Paper on the funds it received from the UPA government. In the meantime, he should give the details of the funds the State government received during the Vajpayee government. Will Yeddyurappa resign if it is proved that our government gave more money?” he challenged.

The government used the money released under the Jawharlal Nehru Urban Development Programme for giving salaries, which was actually meant for city corporations. Hence, additional funds were not released from the Centre, Deshpande said.

Temporary ration cards were distributed to people when election was approaching. Now they are being withdrawn. Poor people are being cheated this way. This government does not have a single pro-poor programme, he criticised.

The state’s development has declined to 5.5 per cent from the previous 11 per cent. The government has taken the state 20 years back, the KPCC chief said. The government is following the rule that there should be at least 60 day-session in an year. The government tabled 21 bills in the last three hours of the last day of the previous session, he said.

The government should at least have had ordered a Lokayukta probe into the Housing Board scam, he added.

Congress leader Jayaprakash Hegde said the Malnad area has incurred more than Rs 100 crore loss in the recent rains.

The party leaders Dr Vijaykumar, B B Ningaiah, Chandraiah, B L Shankar, A N Mahesh, K Mohammed, Motamma and Mallikarjun were present at the press meet.

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