Transforming waste

Transforming waste

Creative Streaks

Avinash Veeraraghavan

Here is someone who has added a touch of creativity to simple waste material found from in and around the house.

It might sound a wee bit weird, but Avinash Veeraraghavan has infused art into what one considers throwaway stuff.

Avinash has worked around bits of paper, hair, nails and other such stuff found in the house. He places tiny toys amidst all of this, giving it a certain character of its own. 

His Toy Story show

comprise installations, video and digital prints — all with a constant reference to toys. Avinash has exploited his artistic instincts to the hilt. His works are narrative, but there is no plot in them. He says, “It is an articulation of my own fantasies.

It is rooted in the imagination of my journey so far.” He constantly collects images over the Internet and with the help of photoshop weaves together a neat collage.

“It’s a very simple technique,” he says. Two of the work, done in this format, draws its origin from the fairytale archetypes.

Among his work is an enchanted forest and a magic mirror. Another work captures the essence of one’s childhood, when the boundaries between reality and make-believe world are blur.

Sara, one of the visitors exclaimed, “I am amazed at the levels of his creativity and it has made me wonder how he could conjure this so well. Truly a break from the mundane.” 

The setting for the photographs have been done on a table top and all photos have a huge collection of cigarette butts and a toy lion carrying a mirror on its back.

Another photograph comprises chopped nails, bits of paper, hair, all these spread out on the table top.

This is interspersed with plastic toys like bicycle, pink cars, green broken carts and trumpets.

Avinash treats patterns as building blocks to construct his visuals, creating work that is layered and almost manic.

He adds, “I have reached the end of one kind of art work or more of a art journey and the experiment is a little frightening,” he signs off.   

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