Diamonds and roses

Diamonds and roses

If diamonds are a woman’s best friend, then fresh flowers could very well be said to be her most intimate companion. Be it a modern city girl or a village maiden, fresh flowers have the ability to set her pulse raising and send adrenaline rushing into her blood stream.

History has many an interesting tale about how romantic heroes of the past have lured women and won the love of the ladies of their dreams. Shakespeare’s ever green Romeo is always portrayed to confess his love for Juliet with a pretty rose in his hand. The Indian counterpart, Shah Jahan would not be complete without the rose that adorns Mumtaz’s perfect picture.

Flowers are said to have several powers of healing, bonding, rejuvenating, soothing and even hypnotising. Ever wondered how bees could spend all day around flowers soaking themselves in the scent and toxic effects of its nectar? Or how poets and great thinkers always confess that an ambience rich in flora and fauna inspires them.

I recall all the several occasions when a bouquet of flowers from friends and well-wishers
have made my special days complete and memorable.

In particular, the auspicious occasion of my 40th birthday comes to my mind when after several enquiries regarding the kind of gift I wanted from my children and husband failed to get any answers from me. “Can I get you a diamond bracelet dear?” my husband enquired a week prior to the big day. “Mama, what about an Armani perfume? You could ask Dad to get you something cool and let me also use it,” joked my teenage daughter. “I have everything that I need and can possibly hope for, so don’t bother getting me a gift,” was all the response they got.could get from me.

So, when the day dawned I was quite certain that the family gave up on me and stuck to my decision of a ‘no gift day’. But, on returning from the church, my early morning ritual, there stood by the door my two lovely kids with my honourable husband, grinning and holding a bouquet of many hues, shades and colours of roses, carnations and orchids, singing with their sweetest voices “ Happy birthday to you… dear mama…” My joy knew no bounds as I picked up the bouquet from their loving hands and I told myself who on earth would want diamonds and perfumes when a bouquet of fresh, sweet smelling and colourful flowers, shimmering with the many shades of emeralds, rubies, sapphires, turquoises and garnets are all yours to admire, gifted from the hands of Mother Nature and from a loving family!

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