Private functions give public tension

Private functions give public tension

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Private functions give public tension

Its spacious area and convenient location make most families and event managers hold functions of all sorts over there. And it’s not just at one entrance. There are 17 entrances like Tripura Vasini, Gayathri Vihar, Fun World, Nalpad, Grand Castle etc, that lead one to this massive ground. However, every time an event happens here, there is a big pile-up of traffic on Bellary Road just outside the venue.

Being the main road connecting the City to the Bengaluru International Airport and other areas of north and west Bangalore, even a small jam on Bellary Road ends up affecting a lot of people. To solve this problem, the authorities are planning to have one exit on Jayamahal Road or Vasanthnagar. Metrolife spoke to a few citizens who take this route daily to find out how badly they get affected by the traffic on this road and will this solution be feasible.

Says Jayesh, a student of Jain College, who lives in Sadashivnagar, “There are many traffic jams because of the functions happening over there. Though there is parking inside the grounds, many people park their vehicles in the lanes of Sadashivnagar. That’s because there is so much traffic outside the venue once a function is over that it’s difficult to come out,” he says. Jayesh says the traffic is at its worst after 6 pm everyday especially during weekends. “It takes around 25 minutes to clear half a kilometre stretch.

It’s impossible to cross too. The authorities need to broaden the road as soon as possible and also appoint some traffic personnel to manage it.”  Pooja, an office manager at an ad agency, works at Kumara Park and takes this route to meet her clients in Mekhri Circle, R T Nagar, New BEL Road etc. “If there is one common exit from Jayamahal or Vasanthnagar, that single road will be burdened,” she feels.

“As it is, there is a lot of traffic coming from R T Nagar and Fun World right now. A single exit will make it worse.”  So, what’s the solution to this problem? “Jayamahal Road side should have a few more exits and the people holding functions should take the responsibility. They should ensure that there is enough place for parking and autos without disrupting the traffic outside. It is a citizen’s duty.”

The authorities at Palace Grounds, however, refused to be quoted citing that the Mysore Maharaja (the owner of Palace Grounds) has to give them permission to do so. “Every gate has a different entrance and a different authority. However, the highest authority is the Maharaja,” says a proprietor of one of the entrances.

But now that talks are on to keep a common exit, Praveen Sood, the Additional Commissioner of Traffic, says, “The 17 entrances have been opened by different people causing a big nuisance to common people, especially those living near the grounds and those travelling to and fro from the airport. We have no problem with what people want to do inside the ground. But there are days when a wedding or function takes place at all the 17 entrances with the entry being mainly from Bellay Road. Each wedding has around 10,000 people so on these days, there are two lakh people inside the grounds and traffic hardly moves,” he notes.

He feels the traffic police is doing a lot. “We are getting brickbats for no fault of ours. So we have come to a simple solution —  keep the exit from Jayamahal or Vasanthnagar side. We don’t want the common man to get stranded,” he says.

Talks are on with each of the owners of the 17 entrances. “Some of them have agreed so far. We have to wait for all of them to agree,” he sums up.