Three die of asphyxiation

Three die of asphyxiation

Tragedy during cleaning of a 30-foot deep well in Cubbonpet

Three die of asphyxiation

The Fire Force personnel retrieved the three bodies from the narrow 30-foot deep well after hours of struggle.

Police gave the names of the dead as Ganga Raju (38), proprietor of Raju Dyeing Works, and cleaners Chandru (24), a native of Beedupalli in Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh, and Venkataswamy (50) of Raja Krishnapura in Malur, Kolar district.

The firemen told Deccan Herald that the water level in the less than three-foot wide well was just two feet deep and it was a daunting task for them to remove the bodies.

According to neighbours and friends, Raju had been planning for the last few weeks to get the well cleaned and hired Chandru and Venkataswamy. The duo, after dodging him for nearly a week, finally landed up around 10.45 am for the job.

Venkataswamy got down into the well using a rope and asked for a bucket to remove silt and slush. When there was no response from him for some time, an alarmed Raju launched himself into the rescue act.

Neighbours said Raju had initially succeeded in bringing Venkataswamy halfway from the well, but both fell into it after Raju lost his grip on the rope. At this point, Chandru jumped in, only meet the same fate.

Sharath, a medical shop owner and a close friend of Raju, said: “Around 11.30 am, Raju came to me huffing and puffing, asking for an emergency light. We managed to fetch one from a shop. I was unable to join him as I was alone at the shop. Minutes later, I heard Raju’s brother calling for help. We immediately alerted the Fire department.”