'Da', it's time for sweet something

'Da', it's time for sweet something

Favourite Hangouts

Dessert Dose: The 'Laddus' and 'Turkish Halwa.'

Having a campus on J C Road calls for much sacrifice. As the place is flooded with shops selling all kinds of spare parts and accessories for automobiles, there is hardly any place for the students of Sri Bhagwan Mahaveer Jain College to hang out.

Still they have managed to find a few places near the college, which have come to their rescue.

All those Jainites, who have a sweet tooth, head straight towards the Blue Bell, which offers them a variety of sweets.

According to Leela, a salesperson from Blue Bell, “Most students come here
to have Turkish Halwa, Kheer Kadam and Malay Sandwich.”

Shahlaa, a Jainite, says, “Turkish Halwa is made out of cornflour and is filled with nuts and the best part is that it is oil-free and has no ghee too. It is my best loved sweet here.”

Most of the students buy their favourite sweet and sit just outside the shop for long hours.

They also wait for the van bringing in the sweets to arrive. In the evenings, the students have small samosas here.

Corner Bite: Kamat Hotel Kamat restaurant offers them food which fills their tummies to the brim. Though they cannot hang out here for long, the students manage to chit-chat through out their lunch. Kamat coffee shop offers them good coffee which helps them unwind after class.

“I cannot do without having a full-fledged meal every afternoon. So I come here to have lunch almost everyday along with my group of six guys and girls,” says Dinesh.

Chikus, which is located in a small gali near the college, is another regular hangout for most Jainites.

Chikus is a small place, which provides fresh fruit juice, chocolates, puffs and other bakery items. “We hang out here most of the times as it is near our college, the juice and puffs are the ones I prefer,” says Rishitha.

Pecos is another favourite destination for most Jainites. They uncoil themselves here.

“After class we head straight to the Rest House Road and walk over to Pecos. They play good rock music and classics. The retro look and the food too pulls me there. After hectic class hours, this is where I would love to go,” says Karun.