'High security must at all times'

'High security must at all times'

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“It doesn’t make sense to introduce stringent security measures in Bangalore immediately after a bomb blast. It’s unlikely that there is any threat now, but we need to take certain measures to protect ourselves. We should remain cautious at a time like this. Beefing up security also serves as a deterrent, since terrorists will think twice before planning something in a high alert area. It would also help if the salaries given to policemen are increased, and more manpower is dedicated to focusing only on terrorist threats.”

Rana Ghosh

“The government always waits for tragedy to strike elsewhere before beefing up its own security; it’s more of a reactionary move. But the government should take the initiative to make it more of a continuous affair. At normal times, nobody bothers if they see a bag lying unattended somewhere, but now suddenly they do. It would be better if they had a strong system of cameras in every nook and cranny to assess the situation at any point of time. People should be made aware that they have to constantly be on the lookout.”

Mahesh Kumar Mahesh Kumar

“Increasing security in the City right now isn’t going to prevent any attack. The police force should be active continuously, not just immediately after an attack on another city. It’s true that the manpower to maintain high security all the time isn’t easy to come by, but the police can definitely do a more efficient job of handling the resources available to them. They should hold security checks at more frequent intervals and make better use of the informants available to them as well.”

Beena Pillai

“It’s true that a continuation of the Mumbai blasts in Bangalore is extremely unlikely, but the government still has to impose strict policies and guidelines to control the situation. Declaring a high alert situation doesn’t seem to be the answer though. In such circumstances, it’s important to remember that religion is a huge motivational force; it’s very easy to influence and mobilise people in the name of religion. The government should take active steps to prohibit religious control and influence.”

Mujeer F
Security Officer

“I have not noticed any more security in either my place of residence or where I work. The police claim that they have taken safety measures, but I don’t think this is true at all. Besides, what is the point of trying to increase security after a bomb blast has already taken place somewhere. Such incidents are occasional. They don’t follow each other immediately, so there is no real threat at this time. The police should attempt to maintain high standards of security all of the time. It is extremely difficult but given the current scenario, it is essential.”

Balraj K N Balraj K N
Content Writer

“Ever since the Mumbai blasts spurred the government to heighten security in the City, it seems like they’re trying to create panic, but not help the situation. The establishment wakes up only when there is a bomb blast. But what purpose does this really serve if they are just alert for a few days and then go back to being indifferent? There should be stringent checking and high security at all times. I think the general population is prepared to bear this inconvenience, because it’s for their own good.”

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