Go divine in serene surroundings

Go divine in serene surroundings

Situated in an interior village-Kajoor, dargah is surrounded by thick green forests of Western Ghats on the one side and River Netravathi on the other, offering a blissful visual treat to the visitors.

Though the history of Kajoor dargah is not available in the form of any written documents, going by the villagers’ memory, Uroos began in Kajoor dargah in the year 1963. This Dargah was built in memory of a Muslim God man Valiyuallaha who had arrived at Kajoor more than a century ago. Two dargahs were built in his memory in the same area namely Killur dargah and Kajoor dargah. Kajoor dargah was said to be the sister of Killur dargah and both the dargahs were inter dependent on each other. However, with the growing popularity of Kajoor dargah, both the dargahs got separated and now they function independently.

The villagers believe that there is a man living in an unknown place, who has met God man Valiyuallaha, but they have failed in their attempt to find him. Villagers say that they would trace the real history of the God man if they could find the man who was once the associate of the God man.

Despite dargah having built in the name of a Muslim saint, people from all religion come to this place because Kajoor dargah is said to have powers to heal several problems. Devotees from across the State and even from outside the State visit the place and offer vows. With a belief that Valiyuallaha had special love towards oil, the devotees offer oil at the dargah to fulfil their vows. Mercy healing on Thursdays is one of the specialities of the dargah. On every Thursday, hysteric devotees arrive at the dargah where a special room is provided for the hysterics. The devotees sing and dance there making huge cries. As per the beliefs, Valiyuallaha drives away all the evil forces from the bodies of the devotees on Thursdays.

Even the women are allowed to enter to the dargah and special provision is made for them to gain entry, offer prayer and seek blessings. The major source of revenue comes in the form of offering from the devotees during the week long Uroos celebration. Uroos is celebrated with all grandeur and devotees pour in from every nook and corner to Kajoor during the month of March and April. However, the cancellation of Uroos celebration due to few political reasons in the last April has disappointed several devotees.

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