Focus on the eyes

Shades like pink, peach, natural colours, light brown can be used for lips in the evening. A glossy finish would go better. 

It’s all in the eyes

Eye beauty begins with proper care. Tired heavy eyes from lack of sleep are not very attractive. Neither are blood-shot, red- rimmed or puffy eyes from exposure to sun, or  smoke.

Clear eyes have a certain brilliance that no make up in the world can create. Persistent squinting is not attractive, nor are  wrinkles. While eight hours of sleep, balanced diet, fresh air and exercise every day will go a long way towards keeping the sparkle in your eyes, an annual visit to the ophthalmologist is a must too.

Tired eyes always puff up, due to excessive strain or  crying. 

*Grated potato applied to puffy eyes  helps reduce it.  Chronic puffiness under the eyes will respond to a daily kidney-flushing treatment, drink not less than eight glass of water a day. Since the vital mineral in potassium is often washed away in the flushing, add additional oranges and bananas to your diet.

*Chronic dark circles can have many causes, such as fatigue or strain.

*Papaya tea helps reduce dark circle under the eyes.

*Cucumber tones up the eye membranes and cools and smoothens inflamed eyes. Cut and use slices of peeled cucumber as eye pads.

Resting your eyes for 10 to 15 minutes during the day is most refreshing to the eyes, especially with a soothing eye pack which could be cotton pads soaked in cool rose water.


Exercise is good for the eyes.  Strangely enough, a reasonable dose of  TV watching and reading help exercise the eyes.

You could do the following eye exercise: Once a day, hold the index finger of your hand at eye level, a foot away.  Focus on it, then as you slowly move the finger towards your nose, look to the right, then to your finger, then to the left, back to the finger.  Repeat looking up and down, instead of sideways.

Squeeze your eyelids tightly then open eyes as wide as possible.  Do not move your brows, just your lids, Repeat four-five times a day.

Eye wear has become an important fashion accessory today. Spectacles have never been more fashionable.

Ensure that the bridge of your specs sits comfortably and does not pinch your nose. Glasses should not slip off the nose. Sides should not cut into the crease of the eye. Avoid frames that rest on your cheek bone.

This will become uncomfortable and discolour with make-up and perspiration. Keep your specs clean. Treat your glasses as any other fashionable accessory and enjoy wearing them.

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