David Cameron returns to Tuscan cafe to make up with waitress

The 44-year-old Prime Minister went back to the Dolcenero Café in Montevarchi town to seek out the waitress, Francesca Ariani, who had not recognised him on his first visit and had asked him to serve himself, 'The Daily Telegraph' reported.

"He came back to look for me. It was such a nice surprise for me to see him. He knew I had made a mistake and he wanted to tell me not to worry because I did not recognise him. I never imagined he would come back. He's really lovely," Ariani was quoted as saying.
Cameron, 44, returned to the café on Sunday morning with his young daughter Nancy and ordered a beer and a soft drink.

"He said 'Buongiorno' and I told him I was happy to see him and they sat outside at the same table they had last week," the 27-year-old waitress said.

Cameron, who posed for pictures with the waitress, had paid 5.10 euro price and left a generous tip, the report said.

Last week, the British PM had ordered two cappuccinos for himself and his wife, Samantha, 40, at the same café at the start of their Tuscan holiday. But when he asked Ariani to bring them out to them, the young waitress from Florence said she was too busy.

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