Dissent extends to case proceedings

Lawyers versus AC:

For and against: Staff members of the Court protest against the lawyers, alleging that they had forced entry into the Court and misbehaved. dh photoThe conflict between the lawyers and the Assistant Commissioner (AC) P Vasanth Kumar only worsened on Wednesday, extending to crossing the threshold of the court.
The lawyers attempted to prevent the proceedings of the Assistant Commissioner’s Court, and Vasanth Kumar asserted his right to conduct the proceedings.
The lawyers refused to let the proceedings of the Assistant Commissioner’s Court continue and even tried to force entry into the Court.

Protest on Monday

The lawyers had staged a snap stir on Monday demanding immediate suspension of the AC P Vasanth Kumar, for engaging in corruption. They had accused the AC of accepting bribe to resolve cases in the court and tilt judgments in favour of his clients. They had also accused him of being abusive towards lawyers.

Additional Deputy Commissioner M Nagaraju arrived at the spot and accepted memorandum from the protesting lawyers.

The lawyers had also demanded that no cases be handled in the AC’s Court for a few days and that three staff members be transferred.

Deputy Commissioner Manjula spoke to the lawyers over the phone and assured them that the allegations would be looked into and action would be initiated accordingly.
In the wake of the DC’s approval to the three demands, the lawyers had withdrawn their protest.


On Wednesday, however, when they learnt that a case was being dealt with at the AC’s Court, the lawyers, led by the union president K H Thimmegowda, urged that the proceedings be halted.

“In the backdrop of the Deputy Commissioner’s promise, it is insincere that a case be handled in the Court,” said Gowda.

In response, AC Vasanth Kumar asserted that he had ‘full rights to conduct proceedings’. “I have received no instructions or orders not to do so, from any superior authority,” he claimed.

DSS reacts

In a parallel clash, the Court witnessed a fight between the lawyers and members of the Dalita Sangharsha Samiti (DSS), who were present on the premises.

“The lawyers should let smooth functioning of the Court, and not create problems,” accused the members, who also started shouting slogans against the protesting lawyers.

Verge of violence

The tussle between the two groups almost led to a physical, when the police arrived on the spot and prevented any such occurrence.

Members of the government employees’ union too staged a protest on the court premises.

Peace was restored only after more than two hours of heated protests and counter-protests.  

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