Rationale of Capt's sentence questioned

Rationale of Capt's sentence questioned

My husband was not on duty, when the alleged incident happened

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Preeta said that the SVDR (black box) says that the VLCC MT Tosa was in international waters at the time of the alleged incident and not in the territorial waters of Taiwan. “STCW Convention 1995 for seafarers clearly states that Duty officer remains fully responsible for safe navigation of the ship, even if the Master is present of the navigation bridge,” she said and added that every officer on navigation watches, is a certified and competent officer of their respective Governments and employed by various companies.


“Capt Aroza was not on duty at the time of the alleged incident nor was he notified of anything until 10 hours later, the Coast Guards intercepted the vessel,” she said and added: “Knowing the above facts of the Master being totally innocent, what makes anyone still say that he may get a lighter sentence.”

“If Capt Aroza gets even a lighter sentence by the court for no fault of his, it will mar his career as no country will accept a person with any criminal record. Then, where does Capt Aroza stand?” she questioned.

No collision

Referring to the statement of the Taiwanese official that two persons went missing, and one injured, Preeta said that the investigations and SVDR has proved that there was no collision. “When such is the case, where is the question of Capt Aroza being sentenced,” she said.

Preeta also alleged that Capt Aroza’s ship, M T Tosa, was threatened by the Taiwan Coast Guards on April 17, 2009 to divert and go to Port Hualie, which is illegal.

“The proof of conversation (oral transcript with the company) between the Master of ship and Coast Guards, is with the authorities concerned,” she said and sought to know whether forceful act and threat in the high seas by the Coast Guards was legal?

Do pressurise

Urging the India government to request and pressurise the Panama State (flag state of MT Tosa) to take up jurisdiction from Taiwan immediately, she said that any incident in the high seas requires, as per International Laws, to be tried in the jurisdiction of flag state or ITLOS (International Tribunal for Law of Seas).

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