At whose behest was Amar Singh working, ask Left parties

At whose behest was Amar Singh working, ask Left parties

"At whose behest was he acting. That (UPA-I) government was headed by the Congress party. Who were the other leaders ... the Congress leaders involved, because at that time, it was an open secret that so many MPs were being approached", CPI(M) leader Brinda Karat said while responding to questions about the case. Singh has been sent to judicial custody for 14 days.

"Merely putting him in jail is not going to answer the questions raised by the cash-for-vote scandal during the no- confidence motion", she said, adding that the actions of the police and probe agencies "has not instilled any confidence".

The vote in Parliament on the motion, after Left parties withdrew support in the wake of the Indo-US nuclear deal, led the UPA-I government to continue in office, CPI National Secretary D Raja said.

"The Congress-led government was the final beneficiary as it survived. Now the investigating agencies should probe who all committed such unethical practices. The government will also have to explain", he said.

Another CPI leader Gurudas Dasgupta claimed, "The right man is in the right place" and it was an "eloquent testimony" to how the government was protecting "criminals".

"Since the cash-for-vote scam has gone to benefit the Congress, the Prime Minister, as the leader of the government, should clarify whose frontman Amar Singh was. He could not have acted on his own," Dasgupta said, adding, "The man, who was given 'Z' category security by this government, has had to go to jail."