Security beefed up at courts

Security beefed up at courts

A public interest petition was also filed in the Supreme Court seeking direction to enhance security in the courts across the country. In the apex court, extensive frisking of visitors was being done at the main entrance while extra security personnel were also deployed.

“The security arrangements in the Supreme Court have already been tight. Following the blast at Delhi High Court,  the officials are reviewing the measures but no extra step is being taken immediately,” official sources said.

An email sent to the media houses after the blast in a suitcase on Wednesday had purportedly threatened that the terrorists would make the Supreme Court as their next target.

On Thursday, the Delhi High Court, however, resumed the work with the lawyers and litigants being made to face some stricter frisking and security checks. The lawyers were also told to show their identity cards.

A full court reference was held in the Delhi High Court with all judges including the Chief Justice Dipak Misra paying homage to the victims of Wednesday's terror attack.

Describing the incident as “one of the saddest,” Chief Justice Misra  said, the incident was intended to paralyse the functioning of the high court that dispensed justice without fear or favour but because of the total solidarity of members of the Bar and colleagues the court work functioned at 2:15 pm on Wednesday.

President of the Delhi High Court Bar Association A S Chandhiok said the incident was not only an attack on judiciary but a direct attack on a national institution. In the apex court, the PIL filed by advocate Ajay Agrawal sought direction to officials concerned “to take up the steps immediately to ensure installation of appropriate security installation of CCTV cameras and other necessary gadgets in all the courts.”