Wife prefers divorce to cooking chicken for man

Wife prefers divorce to cooking chicken for man

The family counselling centre in Uttar Pradesh’s Meerut town on Sunday tried its best to persuade Swati from seeking divorce, but she remained adamant and instead asked them to ask her husband not to make such demands.

“Barely four months after the marriage I had to leave my in-laws’ house as I used to be assaulted by my husband for not cooking chicken for him and his friends,” said Swati, who is a mother of one.

Strict vegetarian

“My husband would often bring home his friends and ask me to cook chicken and meat. Being a strict vegetarian I told him clearly that I could not do so. I was beaten on several occasions and finally I left and returned to my parent’s home,” she told the counsellors.
She had also apprised Kumar’s friends about the problem, hoping that they would understand and exert pressure on her husband. But they also sided with him.

Kumar admitted to making such demands but expressed his inability to do anything in this regard.

“I just cannot offend my friends though I feel that it is not correct,” he said.

Counsellor Mukesh Kumar said he had sent notices to Ram Kumar’s friends in a bid to make them realise the gravity of the situation.

“We will tell them that their demands will break a married life and ruin the life of the child...we hope they will understand,” he said.