Unwinding in style

Unwinding in style


The Snehalokha Karaoke Club met at a hotel banquet hall in the City recently to sing their hearts out. In true spirit of karaoke, the evening’s singers were not just professionals, amateurs and music enthusiasts were also welcomed to perform.

One by one the singers walked up, picked a song and proceeded to perform it for their peers. Singing a mix of Hindi and Kannada songs, the performers lived their rockstar dream for an evening.

Some like Anirudh and D R Muralidhar, who is as good a singer as any professional, came to sing; many others like K S Ramesh came just to listen.

Started by Sahasa Simha Vishnuvardhan, Snehalokha aims at providing music lovers a platform to display their vocal talents.

“I found many people with the urge to sing but were restricted to bathroom singing. So this is a platform for them. I watch them go through various stages. Those who can’t sing practice and learn how to sing. Those who sing become better singers. A lot of them now do shows,” he said.

Music is important to the Vishnuvardhan family, he said.

“My wife is a classical singer, my daughter and son-in-law are both good singers. I used to perform during college. It used to be good fun. Singing for the teachers, singing on demand for students, it used to inspire you to sing better. Music makes you nostalgic.
Singer Chitra’s father used to play the tabla and I used to sing.” 

Asked about the future of Snehalokha, Vishnu said: “I don’t want to make it too big and commercial. 60, 70 people and maybe 10 guests or so. It’s nice and cosy.”

The evening’s revellers were a small but tightly-knit group, who let their hair down and relaxed in the company of friends and family. Dressed in ethnic chic, Ramesh Aravind, Janak and magician Ramesh among others enjoyed a pre-independence day bash with

“We are always so tensed with shooting so every second Saturday we meet up, bring our families along. This is a good way to relax the mind. It’s family entertainment. It’s not like a disco or something. Also we get to meet people from  outside the industry. So it’s an interesting environment. Tomorrow morning, we’ll play cricket (Snehalokha Cricket Club),” said K Manju, the renowned producer.