Gowda woos voters in temple premises

Gowda woos voters in temple premises

He sought the blessings of the voters for party nominee K Raju. Former minister P G R Sindhia too shared the dais with Gowda. The premises was Maramma temple at T Hosahalli in Maralvadi hobli of Ramnagaram. Before addressing the gathering, the leaders spoke to the media. By the time Gowda reached the temple, the party workers had made arrangements for the speech.

According to para 3 under the sub-title ‘general conduct’ in the booklet of model code of conduct, distributed to political parties, mosques, churches, temples or other places of worship shall not be used as forum for election propaganda.

Both Gowda and Sindhia attacked the BJP rule in their speeches. Gowda condemned the BJP’s ‘Operation Lotus’ and called BJP’s rule in the State as swine flu menace.

“It is a virus. It will not last for long”, he said.

No concern for farmers

Referring to KHB scam, Deve Gowda said that the Government had no concern for farmers.

A close relative of a minister bought land from farmers at cheap rate and sold the same to the Government at exorbitant price, he alleged.

Sindhia said, the Government failed to meet basic needs of the public including distribution of ration cards.

Speaking to presspersons, Sindhia said he would join the JD(S) officially in September this year.

He said he would work for the Janata Dal (Secular) candidate till the election day.