'Language should be liberal in borrowing words from other languages'

'Language should be liberal in borrowing words from other languages'

He was delivering a talk on ‘Regional aspects in Beary language’, at a programme organised by the Karnataka Beary Sahitya Academy at Hotel Srinivas on Sunday. Stressing the need for adaptability of a language, he said that Beary speaking people should not restrict themselves from using only Beary words but the language could be developed through borrowing words from other languages and use it as per the requirement. However, he said that too much of borrowing would take away the originality of a language. “The universally accepted language English has become so rich due to its power of adaptability. In English language, only 15-20 per cent of words are of English origin, while rest of them are borrowed from other languages.”

Speaking about the language growth, Dr Upadhyaya said that a language can be developed in literary context if the community which uses that language becomes stronger. “Earlier, dalit language hardly found any space in the field of literature, but now Dalit language too was used in literary works. The reason behind such a welcome change is the strengthening of the community,” he said.

He added that there is no discrimination in language. All languages are rich and special in their own context. “Every language is beautiful and grammatically correct.”

Informing about few misconceptions about the language, he said there is predominant wrong belief that a language can not be considered as a language in the absence of script. “Script is not really essential for a language to survive. The language spread in the olden days from the word of mouth, but not through written format.” Delineating the same, he said that more than 15 languages in Europe including Spanish and French do not have their own script. But those languages have been well accepted despite them adapting Roman script, he informed.

Meanwhile, the veteran scholar said that Beary literature should be written in Kannada script for the development of Beary language. “The literature will be read only if the script used is understood by majority of readers,” he opined.

The talk was followed by reviewing of eight Beary works. Badriya Pre-university College Principal Dr N Ismail and litterateur Ismath Pajir reviewed the works.