'Allegations of compulsory conversion not true'

'Allegations of compulsory conversion not true'

Justice Somasekhara Commission examines 11 witnesses

Out of the 11 witnesses who were examined and documented, two sought additional time citing personal reasons. The notices for the others were not served. Six of them were examined  on Wednesday and the remaining five are kept open for further cross examination before the court was adjourned.

Continuing with the incomplete examination on Tuesday, Sr Rose Mita, a teacher at the St Cecily’s Higher Primary School, said that the allegations of compulsory conversion is not true. “I have been working as a teacher for the last 15 years and there were absolutely no complaints during that period. Being a Roman Catholic, I am unable to say or comment on the credibility of the New Life Fellowship. I have not witnessed personally the attacks on Churches and my allegations in the affidavit are based on the press and TV reports,” she said.

Sr Mita said that she has not made any false allegations against ABVP stating that they forcibly closed down the school on November 12, 2008 following some untoward incidents in Kashmir. The other members who were examined before the Commission included Sr Maria Seventh, Superior of St Cecily’s Higher Primary School; Robert Kurian, George Suvaris, Rosy Mendonca, Sylveria Martiz, Justine Noronha, Antelma Vaaz and Marcel D’Souza.

Advocate for the Commission Shashikala, Legal Advisor S R Raviprakash, Advocate for Christian members Mary Shrestha, Advocate for Hindu members Nagraj and others were present.