Traffic diversions near ISKCON

Traffic diversions near ISKCON

The diversions are as follows:

All types of vehicles from Tumkur Road towards West of Chord Road passing through Soap Factory Circle, can take right turn at Dr Rajkumar Road 10th Cross to enter Rajajinagar 1st Block and to join West of Chord Road.

All types of vehicles from Navarang junction can move on Dr Rajkumar Road 10th Cross, take left turn at Rajajinagar 1st Block and take right turn at Soap Factory Circle to join
Tumkur Road.

Parking facility

Parking facility for vehicles of VIPs is made at GKW Ground. The vehicles can use Dr Rajkumar Road to reach the parking place.

The parking facility for vehicles of others is made at Mahalakshmi Layout play ground. The vehicles can use West of Chord Road and take left turn at Mahalakshmi Layout entrance (Kamalamma Gundi).