Centre lacking will to fight external, internal threats: RSS

Centre lacking will to fight external, internal threats: RSS

"China is threatening us. It is tampering with our borders. This is of concern," he said addressing RSS workers here. His statement came against the backdrop of the China's threat to India against oil exploration in the South China Sea and reports of Chinese troops' intrusions into Indian territory along Sino-Indian border in Ladakh sector and destroying of Army bunkers in Ladakh last month.

Referring to reports of Chinese incursion, Pakistan terrorism, infiltration, porous borders with Bangladesh, internal corruption, Naxalism and Maoism, he said all aspects should be resolved through one prism - a strong Hindu India.

"We are sufferers of these issues which need only one solution - a united, strong Hindu India," he said.

"What is more disturbing is the way China-Pakistan friendship has consolidated and flourished to the extent that Pakistan is now daring the US to part ways if it wanted that way," he said, alleging that the government has totally failed.

"Unfortunately, the government has neither shown the will nor determination to fight the internal threats, terrorism, nor put an end to the tampering with our borders by the neighbouring countries, be it Pakistan, China or Bangladesh," he said.

Bhagat said there are "intrusions from across the borders. Infiltration is taking place and the boundaries have not been demarcated which is bad for the nation. We are direct victims of infiltration from across the borders," he said.

Bhagwat, who is on a five-day visit of Jammu region, also referred to cross border smuggling of fake currency notes and narcotics.

Asserting that no inimical force could break India, he said, "We are unable to wipe out the threats because of the weakness that reflects through the political class that is more obsessed with the chair."

He said societal transformation is needed more than the political transformation to effect change. The RSS chief referred the Hindu-Muslim conflict in India and said both communities would keep fighting till both the sides arrived at a consensus.