Dealing with crisis

Dealing with crisis

tv talk

Watch Cloverfield starring Michael Stahl-David, Odette Yustman, Lizzy Caplan and Miller T J on May 12 at 9 pm on HBO. Cloverfield is a high octane thriller from executive producer JJ Abrams.  Young Manhattan professional, Robert Hawkins fights to save his family and friends when New York City becomes the target of an alien attack.  Shot with a hand-held camera by one of Hawkins’ friends. Cloverfield captures the thoughts and actions of tightly knit group of people during a time of unprecedented crisis.

Journey of a currency

Twenty Bucks film follows a $20 bill from its ATM birth to its eventual demise. Along the way, the note weaves in and out of the lives of a street person, an aspiring writer, a stripper, two thieves, and many others in surprising and inventive ways. Watch the movie starring Linda Hunt, Brendan Fraser, Gladys Knight and Elisabeth Shue on May 12, Tuesday at 7 pm on Sony Pix.

Manish Paul’s passion backfires

Manish Paul, who is currently occupied with two shows — Ghar Ghar Mein on Zee, and Kuch Cook Hota Hai on 9x had one hell of an experience. Manish, who generally likes to get a new look for every new show that he does, was in for a major shock this time round.
It so happened that his hairdresser was not around during the shoot of Ghar Ghar Mein. So, someone from the unit suggested him to get the job done from another stylist. Manish was sceptical initially, but later on being assured by them, gave in.
Minutes later, the actor got the shock of his life when he saw his hair half burnt. Manish lost his cool and also regretted his decision of trying out a new hairstylist. Guess it was too late, the damage was done and Manish with great difficulty managed to cover-up the burnt hair. That is surely some experience.

The history of underworld

Fox History and Entertainment presents Crime series. Watch Underworld Histories – Miami on Tuesday, May 12 at 9 pm. Each episode in this series looks at the geography, history and culture of one great North American city that has influenced each underworld community, from the underbelly up, through the story of the organised crime groups which have made it home. This episode looks at the history of the underworld of Miami.