One mln people to enroll per day for Aadhaar by Oct: Nilekani

One mln people to enroll per day for Aadhaar by Oct: Nilekani

"The goal is to give 1.2 billion people unique number and that is well on its way. We have already given unique numbers to 37 million people, another 50 million people enrolled and are waiting to get numbers," Nilekani said at a function here.

He said while "new people are getting enrolled across the country at the rate of 6,00,000 a day in about 20,000 locations, by October the figure will be one million people per day". Aadhaar is a 12 digit individual identification number, which will serve as a proof of identity and address anywhere in India.

Nilekani said there is little possibility of duplicates arising out of the system because only one ID is issued to a person taking his biometric signature. "One ID means that if you are coming with a false name, that is going to remain for the rest of your life... something which no one would like," he said.

Nilekani said every person who gets an ID from the Aadhaar system also gets an online ID. The online ID can be used to verify the identity of a person anywhere.

Nilekani said they would set up a chain of applications which will enable people to update their address in the event of being transferred to a different place. He said the unique number will prove a boon to those who do not get access to various financial services and social benefits.

In this regard, he reminded of a notification issued by the Finance Ministry last year recognising Aadhaar number as an officially valid document to satisfy the know-your-customer norms for opening bank accounts. This notification is expected to promote financial inclusion of the poor and the hitherto excluded by making it possible for them to easily establish their identity and open bank accounts.

He said the banking correspondence in rural areas, who would be equipped with micro ATMs under a new government initiative, will have online verification capabilities and people with aadhaar number can reap benefits from it also.