Confusion hangs thick in the air

Confusion hangs thick in the air

Dasara adventure sports

According to the invitation printed by the Dasara adventure sports sub-committee, the air adventure sports would begin the parasailing event at Mandakalli airport at 9.30 am.

When adventure enthusiasts reached the venue, they were denied entry by the authorities at the airport. They were told that the venue of air adventure sports had been shifted to the helipad near Lalith Mahal Hotel.

By the time they reached the helipad they were in for a shock. Instructors of the General Thimmaiah National Adventure Sports Academy conducting the parasailing event ruled out any chance of continuing the show, due to lack of heavy wind.

They said that it would be dangerous to conduct parasailing as it might lead to injuries.

However, when a slight breeze helped one lucky person - Ramachandra, a student of Toons animation school - got a chance for parasailing. Meanwhile, a few others also gathered at the ground to have a go in the parasailing event. But, unfortunately they were told to return in the evening.

Meanwhile, rains in the afternoon only like adding salt to injury.

The ineptitude of the Dasara adventure sports sub-committee in organising the event was clearly visible as sheep were seen grazing in the area where the parasailing event was to be held. Had the event continued, it could have led to serious injuries to participants.