Ramesh smiles after a decade

Ramesh smiles after a decade

According to a press release, Ramesh was compelled to take early retirement from his job because of his pain and was under medication for the last 10 years. But nothing really brought him relief and in due course of time, he became refractory to even maximum dose of medication.

Since then, he continued to live with his pain, managing himself by avoiding the precipitating factors, restricting his social life to within home and the medication. He was barely able to speak, chew food as jaw opening and sensory stimulus to upper jaw triggered the pain on the right side.

At times, he even used to keep a piece of wood in between his teeth to avoid biting his own tongue due to sheer pain.

In Bangalore, Ramesh was diagnosed with a neuro disorder called - Trigeminal Neuralgia, a disorder of one or both of the facial trigeminal nerves and was advised a minimally invasive surgery for the same.

The surgery was a success bringing back a smile on his face after a long decade.

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