Couple, role model for others

Couple, role model for others

They rear turkeys, Australian sheep, which brings good profit

An enterprising couple, Anthonappa and Reethamma have found an extra income along with their regular dependency on farming through poultry — rearing turkeys and rare Australian sheep.

The couple, who brought a turkey from Bangalore about six months ago, now has 15 turkeys in their poultry. The progeny and the interest of the couple in rearing turkeys have drawn appreciation and excitement in the village.

Reethamma now has about three female turkeys and has decided to increase the number of turkeys from the female species. “Each of the female turkeys lay about 15 eggs in a three-month duration. The eggs get hatched in 20 days. Turkey rearing is profitable after a long period of rearing. Each turkey weighs a minimum of 20 kg after two years,” she says.

In the peak of the market price, turkey meat fetches up to Rs 400 a kg, while the egg costs about Rs 60. The turkeys are fed with maize and crushed rice, she adds.

For villagers, the turkeys have become a subject of interest as these poultry species apes human sounds. The family has made a small poultry in their farmland and are growing maize in their own land. The enterprising couple are also rearing Australian sheep which fetches up to 140 kg of meat in two years.

 If there is a disease, we immediately summon a veterinarian and vaccinate the poultry, says Reethamma.

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