Boom time for doormen in City hotels

Boom time for doormen in City hotels

Yes the demand for doorman, who is entrusted with the task of welcoming customer and security at the hotels, malls, bars, hospitals, etc is really soaring in the city, that it gives opportunity for security recruiters.

Most preferable  
Doormen should essentially be tall, well above 6 ft, and well built. They should have a very warm disposition, which includes a good smile and an impressive posture. Hotels such as Taj, Oberoi, and Leela prefer bearded doormen. This helps them to be very Indian Maharaja at the first point of reception.

“Since doormen are working in the guest interfacing area, we need to give them continuous training to be the real PR to people our business,” says Kannan, Security Manager of Taj Residency in Bangalore. “Taj provides them training through our Learning and Development Department on a continuous basis. The wardrobe given by the company, which includes shervani and Indian style cap, gives a feel of Indian Maharaja with a Taj touch,” added Kannan.

According to a source with the Oberoi Bangalore, they are employing two doormen who have been working with for quite some time. “We have to have certain standards in filling the vacancy.  Since we have two of them with us, we will not hire more people,” said a source with the Oberoi.

General Manager of Fortune Park JP Celestial Vijay Tenneti said, his company is also on the lookout to fill up doorman posts. “We started our operation very recently and right now the work is done by our security staff itself.  But we need quality men to fill up the vacancy soon.  If our business prospers we will soon fill the vacancy,” he said.
Even though tall persons are preferred for this job, few of them are also recruiting Nepalese Gorkhas so that can give only minimal salary. Among them tops are few three-tier hotels and other bars in the city.

During the festival seasons these doormen may don the role of Santa Claus, Mahabali, Micky Mouse, long-legged baffoon and other well known mascots to attract customers.
With the ever burgeoning Indian middle class getting enough money to spare for their vocation, hospitality industry will grow unprecedently.  
And surely it will give a boom time for doormen indeed.

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