For the love of chicken

For the love of chicken

Delicious dishes

‘Mars Chicken Delight’, an eatery located in Koramangala 1st Block, offers a host of dishes that would have any meat fanatic smacking their lips. Whether it’s a simmering biryani, a steaming plate of kalmi kabab or Chinese-style ‘Chicken 65’, this establishment seems to have it all.

‘Mars Chicken Delight’ was set up by Abdul about fifteen years ago and has been thriving ever since. Benny, the manager of the eatery, says that people flock to the restaurant in huge numbers because it meets their expectations both in terms of quantity as well as quality. The food, he claims, is kept tasting at its best because of the way in which it is flavoured.

“All the masalas— like pepper and jeera— are brought here raw and then crushed and mixed,” he says, adding that it gives a noticeably fresher flavour to each dish.

The cooks at the restaurant are mostly from Orissa, and have picked up the art of cooking North Indian as well as Chinese food in their respective hometowns. The highlight of the menu is obviously the chicken-based dishes — with chicken tandoori, chicken tikka, kabab, and chilli chicken, customers are simply spoilt for choice. In addition to this, they can try out the chicken pepper fry, in which the pieces of chicken are fried with onions and masala, and then served with a vegetable

Benny claims that the biryanis served at the restaurant are most popular. They are made in the North Indian style, and served fresh upon order. Another frequently-ordered dish is the ‘Chicken Hyderabadi’, a thick gravy wherein the chicken is boiled, mixed with crushed masala and then eaten with bread.

Vegetarians needn’t despair, since the eatery also serves a variety of vegetable dishes, including butter masala, palak paneer and alu palak. Different mushroom curries, like mushroom masala, mushroom pepper and mushroom kadai are also available.

Since the eatery caters to a variety of tastes, a small section of the menu is also dedicated to seafood. Customers can sample fish fry, chilli fish as well as some prawn dishes like prawns flavoured with chilli, pepper and raw ginger. Different breads, like roti, tandoori naan, kulcha and the all-time favourite Kerala parota are also available. In addition to this, the restaurant serves chicken rolls, which are made with chicken which is grilled and minced and then stuffed into a roomali roti.

‘Mars Chicken Delight’ doesn’t serve any desserts, but those with a sweet tooth can finish their meal with a freshly-prepared milkshake. These thick, frothy delights come in several flavours like anaar, apple, chikku, banana, papaya, musk melon and even butter fruit. The other option is to order a delicious fruit salad with vanilla ice cream. For details, call 41102425.