Now, a wristband that can make you thin!

Now, a wristband that can make you thin!

The Up wristband, worth 80 pounds, tracks one's eating habits, sleep and exercise -- syncing with an application in one's iPhone to offer advice about how to be healthier, say its developers.

From the moment it gets one up -- by vibrating at the "best" possible moment according to one's sleep patterns -- the machine monitors everything one does, prompting even to get up and move if one has been sitting still, and even to "log" everything one eats.

Jawbone, the company which has developed the product, describes the Up as "attractive, durable, water-resistant and unobtrusive" and suggests it can be worn with a cocktail dress as easily as with gym kit.

Inside is a motion sensor which stores steps, calories burned, distance, and active versus inactive time -- the machine even nags one for sitting down too long.
The motion sensor even tracks one while sleeping -- tracking one's movement to gauge when one falls asleep, how long it takes one, and how much deep sleep one's getting, say its developers.

If that wasn't enough, the iPhone application then prompts one to take a photo of every meal, and tracks where, when and what one has eaten, the 'Daily Mail' reported.

A "Feed" screen on the phone then offers an up-to-date stream of information about what one's doing with respect to your health. The wristband doesn't just watch, though.

Once it's decided one's sleep patterns, it vibrates at the best possible moment in one's sleep cycle so that one can get up feeling as refreshed as possible. It also reminds one to "get up and move" if one has been inactive for too long.