Cloth dyeing unit creates panic among villagers

Cloth dyeing unit creates panic among villagers

It has been learnt that the company, which was denied lincense to function in Tamilnadu is being constructed at Tarikere. This fact has caused fear among the local residents because they say that the toxic water from the unit will be released to their sole water source, contaminating drinking water.

Further, seven villages around the area where the unit will come up have been sharing single source of water. “The people of seven villagers are facing threat due to this unit,” said the villagers.They say that they are already facing lot of health problems after fertilisers being used for cultivation started mixing with the drinking water sources. They say that they are not ready for any disaster in the village.

“Lakkavalli is a hub of agriculture activities. Any industrial activity in this area will create disaster,” say the residents questioning how the Environment clearance has been given to this highly polluting industry in a sensitive area like Lakkavalli.

The farmers of the region are worrying over the possible trend of farm workers going to this highly labour intensive unit.“We are facing labour crisis. In such a situation if this unit comes up most of the workers will try to get jobs in this unit. We are wondering as to how we can carry on our farm work if the available few workers too go away from the farm,” says a farmer.

The local residents have drafted a letter to the CM seeking him not to allow setting up of this industry, which was denied permission for functioning in Tamilnadu. The Deputy Commissioner, Horticulture Director and the Environment department have been informed about the issue.

According to the sources in the Unit, the residents have been panicking unnecessarily as there will be no harm to the drinking water sources in the region.

“The unit will manufacture and dye vests. The used water will be treated in the water treatment plant in the premises of the factory. The treated water will be released to the lake. Hence there will be no harm to the environment and the water will not be contaminated,” said the source.