Residents gear up for the Tulasi festival today

Residents gear up for the Tulasi festival today

Hordes of people thronged to market on Sunday to buy the branches of the gooseberry and banana stalks. Traders did brisk business as there was huge demand for pooja items.

On this day, the Tulasi plant is married to a branch of gooseberry, believed to be a form of Lord Vishnu.

Traditionally, the people who celebrated festival plaint the cement pot or structure in which tulasi has been grown. A canopy made of coconut fronds is installed and is decorated with flowers. 


It is popular festival among the women folk of the State. The rising costs didn’t deter the people from preparing for the festival. A branch of gooseberry costed anywhere between Rs 10 to Rs 30. A kilogram of banana (Yelakki variety) was priced between Rs 40 and Rs 50. The prices of all most all the flowers were high.