On a magical journey...

On a magical journey...


Entertaining: A scene from Dhaam Dhoom Suntaragaali.

Based on Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ which was adapted by T Vaidehi in Kannada, the play took the audience on a wonderful journey of magic, revenge and love.

Directed by Jeevan Ram Sulya, the play tells the story of a nobleman, who is also a magician and his daughter who was thrown away from his kingdom by his brother and sent to an unknown island.

There he took possession of the land and made slaves out of a fairy and a cannibal, who inhabit the island.

Dark magic takes over the magician and he decides to take revenge on his brother and his men.

Dhaam Dhoom... starts off with the a king, a prince and his men caught in a storm and later shipwrecked.

The waves sweep them to an island, which is inhabited by the magician.

What follows is a series of magical escapades that the king and his men encounter on the island, including a blooming love story between the prince and the magician’s daughter.

Made to suit both adults and children, the play takes one and all on a real magical journey with elements of fun, simple language, lilting music and colourful costumes and props woven into the plot.

Many children were so engrossed in the story that one could actually see them jump with laughter during a funny scene and hide behind their mother’s shawl every time the magician came on stage.

“It was something different from the other children’s play. I really liked the way they used magic into the plot. Especially using costumes that glow in the dark was a visual treat,” said Deeksha, a member of the audience.

The live music only added to the effective storytelling. “Be it the sound of thunderstorm or the hypnotic notes meant for the fairy, the music was superb and it really supported the
characters,” said Tharun, another member of the audience.

While adults related to the message of colonisation and the loss of identity of indigenous people, the children could relate to the importance of freedom.

“When the magician finally frees his slaves it made me realise the value of freedom,” said Rohit, a sixth standard student.