Two-third of Britons fear new recession

Two-third of Britons fear new recession

While 85 percent of the people are of the view that the eurozone crisis has endangered the UK economy, a new report suggests that Britain's economic slowdown predated the recent turmoil, the Daily Mail reported.

According to the poll by ComRes, a leading market research agency, over half (59 percent) of Britons are cutting back on spending in anticipation of another recession.

Nearly three quarters of the people admitted being worried that another recession would have a severe impact on them and their family, while just 13 percent said they would not expect to be affected.

But less than one in five (18 percent) believe that Britain should contribute more money to help solve the eurozone's financial crisis, if it would help avoid another recession.

The survey of over 2,000 people showed that 77 percent believe the crisis proved the UK was right to stay out of the eurozone. About the same number of people believe that the eurozone debt crisis has been badly managed by Europe's political leaders.

Another study, a report by think-tank Demos entitled 'Good Growth', suggests that Britain is one of the worst places to live in Europe.