Celebrating their freedom

Celebrating their freedom

Celebrating their freedom

Freedom can be expressed in many voices and tunes. Recently, at the Live Gig held at the Indira Gandhi Musical Fountain, one saw music enthusiasts from various backgrounds come
together on one platform and express, what they called, their freedom.

Huddled in groups under the shade of the trees, taking pictures, headbanging and listening to different types of bands from all over, the day was special for them. 

Karan, from the Live Gig, still remembers when he and a couple of others went and fought with the government for the freedom to play live music. “It was so difficult to make them understand that we are not drug dealers or prostitutes, we just wanted to play our music. Finally, our struggle paid off and they gave us the permission to use this place once a month to come and perform and dig out new talent,” he added.

The day-long event saw bands from different backgrounds, age groups and genres of music. “We do not have any biases over language, songs or style. But the good
bands do get opportunities to perform in pubs in the City,” he added. Despite most bands being heavy metal, there were also many bands who added a fusion touch to the day. Keeping freedom in mind, there were also some band who performed a metal version of Vande Mataram. With songs like Yakeen and Mayaree, the band Earth seemed very promising.

One of the bands Inside Out from Mysore, apparently finished a show late in the night in their City and drove all the way to Bangalore for their performance.

 They were heading back to Mysore for another gig. With a pinch of witty humour, they performed  original compositions like Last Days, Children and an instrumental piece. Interestingly, they also brought a guest performer who rapped for them.

Despite technical glitches it was an eventful day.

The event also saw bands like Chuk, Innerskin, Lost Frequency and others perform.    

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