From households to plush cafes

From households to plush cafes

Coffee innovations bags huge response

The convention was organised by Ponnampet College of Forestry and Agricultural Scientists’ Forum of Kodagu. Hundreds of farmers participated in the convention and cleared their doubts from the scientists.

During the inaugural session, Forum President A A Chengappa, Vice-President P S Subramani, B C Nanjappa, Secretary K R Babu said that there is a need for alternative method to solve the problems related to shortage of labourers in farming sector. The farmers should make use of machines, fertilisers and irrigation facility to increase coffee production. The discussions were also held on getting certificate from companies on the quality of coffee.

Coffee entrepreneur Louis Carlos said that there is great demand for coffee from Kodagu in the world market. “If we get certificate from companies on the quality, then we can fetch good price.”

Hassan Coffee Board extension division Joint Director M C Ponnanna called upon the coffee growers to make use of the subsidy facilities offered by Coffee Board.
Dr Anand Titus spoke on drip irrigation. KPA former president Sahadeva Balakrishna spoke on the coffee plantations in Vietnam. Dr Srikanth spoke on applications of fertilisers.

The stalls on farm equipments, demonstrations and information centers attracted the coffee growers at Coffee innovations 2011.

There were 23 stalls at the venue. The stalls provides details on organic manure, controlling insects and pests, weed remover, power tiller, details on fertilisers, sprinklers, rain gun, tree cutting machine, coffee plucking machine, hydraulic lift carrier, telescopic pruning etc.

Though there were separate machines to be used in Robusta and Arabic coffee plantations, it could not appeal the growers, said coffee grower Machaiah.

There is a huge difference between the subsidy available from the government on the purchase of a machine and the actual prize of a machine, said Coffee grower Pavithra.

Coffee consumption
The coffee growers should take note of the fact that there has been increase in ‘cafe culture’ in the country, said coffee entrepreneur Ranbeer Mansingh.

“Earlier coffee was consumed as a habit and for its taste. However, now sitting in a cafe and sipping a cup of coffee has become a prestige issue. Youth visit cafes to meet their friends and pass time,” he said. With the increase in number of colleges in towns, the demand for cafe also has increased, he added.